The Project

ITT’s first development of low cost environment technology – the ITT SmartSense Agriculture sensors package (prototype) – has been successfully deployed in June 2016. The device collects information of temperature, humidity and soil moisture and able to remotely send the data using mobile network.

The Smartsense project initiated in 2012 through a deployment of tipping bucket rain gauges and its data transmission in Vietnam. Furthermore, surface water level measurement through pressure sensor technology and remote data transmission in Vietnam has been tested. ITT is always looking for cheap and reliable solution for environmental monitoring to support its different research activities and most importantly the researchers and students. The aim of ITT Smart Sense is, therefore, to provide a reliable, comprehensive, and, most importantly, cost-effective solution for data collection, data processing, and data integration into a central server system for research and practical use.

Three variants of Smart Sense devices have been developed, focusing on Agriculture, Water, and Weather monitoring. The agriculture monitoring device provides continuous recording of important soil parameters of soil temperature, soil moisture, ambient temperature with the ability to connect additional sensors for measurement of solar radiation, UV, trunk diameter, etc. The water monitoring device measures water level, water pressure, water temperature and numerous water quality parameters like Nitrate (NO3-), Ph, Salinity, heavy metal and related parameters. Similarly, the weather monitoring device measures air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, rainfall, solar radiation and air pressure.

Next to its cost effectiveness, the device is equipped with a rich set of features including solar-powered autonomous operation and long battery life, little maintenance, low battery alerts, device offline alerts, a built-in data logger, and weather-proof IP67 protection.

The sensor connected with the ITT Smart Sense records measurements and pass the readings to a remote server. The measured data is then stored in a database and can be accessed anytime. Currently, research on ITT Smart Fly which is a Drone technology  for collecting geo-spatial information on vegetation, flood plain, natural hazards, soil moisture and many other fields. The integration of in-situ observation along with multi/ hyperspectral image from the drone technology will potentially  enable researchers to analyze larger area more effectively and accurately.