ITT Smart Sense Fly

ITT Smart Sense Fly is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) based solution to capture aerial photographs of a study region using a camera and other sensors. This solution enables users to capture pictures using selected drones without having to learn how to pilot the drone. ITT Smart Sense Fly app is an elegant mobile app that can run on any android phone or tablet has been developed to autopilot the drone. The app pilots and controls an autonomous drone according to the preconfigured algorithm. This app helps to create flight plans and capture necessary aerial imagery of defined regions suitable for creating Orthomosaic maps, 3D maps and models. Furthermore, it also helps to capture aerial video footage. The researchers and students can now concentrate on analyzing the collected data rather than spending months (sometimes years) in data collection.


ITT Smart Sense Fly app screen

Features of the App

• Operate the drone in Autopilot mode
• Displays current location of drone
• Possibility to configure flight parameters like flight speed, altitude, front overlap, side overlap etc.
• Automatic takeoff and landing
• Automatic generation of optimum flight path in selected region
• Voice Alerts
• Supports multiple types of cameras
• Rotate flight direction
• Save Flight data at the end of each mission
• Trace the actual flight taken by aircraft during the mission

Click here to download Smart SenseFly App User Manual

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